Aqua Baubles

Last weekend I went to one of many bridal expos.  The thing that made the biggest impression on me were Aqua Baubles.  Aqua Baubles are water polymer beads that come in many different colors that can be used as an attractive soil substitute that actually hydrate your plants and fresh-cut flowers or make amazing center pieces. 

They are the size of a pin head in dry form and grow to the size of a large marble  when you place them in water.  All you have to do is take them out of the water when they get to your desired size.   They last up to 3 months and go back to their original size and you can reuse them again and again.

The colors do not bleed so you and mix and match them to get the desired look you want.

They also make great center pieces for your next event.  They are only $3 a bag and one bag makes about 2 cups. 

For more information or to purchase Aqua Baubles visit them at


3 thoughts on “Aqua Baubles

  1. Those are so cool! What a great idea to spruce up a centerpiece! I’ll have to keep these in mind. Can you get them at any craft store?


      • @dakotahbraun We’re glad you think Aqua Baubles are cool! And you’re right, they do spruce up any centerpiece, candle set-up, and are even fun for adding color to your fresh water fish bowl. Although you cannot currently get Aqua Baubles at your local craft store, they may have a similar product on the shelves. If you choose not to purchase Aqua Baubles online and do want to try your hand with a similar item, allow us to share some things to look for. 1) You do get what you pay for…if the product is extremely inexpensive, it will more than likely leach which means stains. 2) Be sure the product states it is an earth-friendly bauble this way the planet is happy with what you bought, too ((: 3) Look for the non-toxic sign – accidents are always waiting to happen and if a child or pet should somehow get a hold of the baubles, you want to be at peace with the fact that at least you don’t need to rush to the emergency.

        Thanks for letting us share. And Simply Radiant Events, thanks for sharing Aqua Baubles!


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