Money Saving Tips for Your Inner Party Planner that Make a Big Difference

Here are a few easy tips from Simply Radiant Events to help bring your party to a whole new level.

Plan on serving bottled/canned drinks?  If you place drinks in tubs (try multiple colors from the dollar store) and place them around the room it helps make people move around the room and mingle.  If you leave the drinks in the fridge they will be harder to access and take up valuable refrigerator room.

Want to serve cocktails too?  Make just one specialty drink so you don’t have to buy many different types of mixers and alcohol.  Try prosecco and some cranberry juice, it is cheaper than champagne.

 Love cupcakes?  Cupcakes are the “it” dessert right now.  It is easy to make a butter cream frosting (many recipes on-line) or buy some at the store.    Once you have your frosting add some food coloring and matching flavors.  For example, use red food coloring and some pomegranate juice.  To add a little something extra to your cupcakes; fill a large piping bag with frosting then push the tip of the piping bag in about an ½ inch deep at the top of the cupcake and squeeze in some frosting.  Now you have filled cupcakes that will impress your guests.  You can also pipe your frosting on top of your cupcakes; just use a tip with a jagged edge for a neat looking design.  And there you have it, cupcakes that look straight from a bakery!

Don’t like the lighting in your house?  Try putting some different lamps around the house will different colored light bulbs.  Each color will give you a different feel, pick a color and you will quickly transform the mood in the room.  Another way would be to have candles around the house to add a different effect, but make sure not to use scented candles around food.

Do you have a garden?  Pick some flowers to put around the room.  The key is to pick larger flowers such as hydrangeas so that way you don’t have to pick or buy as many.

Want a neat way to serve snacks?  Get inexpensive mirrors from the dollar store or Ikea.  Place different sized mirrors on the table then place your bowls of dip, chips and snacks on top of the mirrors.  They will help to reflect your colored light bulbs and enhance the mood.

With these few changes everyone will be wondering who you brought in to transform your space.


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