Fun Ideas when Throwing a Wine Party

Here are some different ideas you can try when hosing a wine party.  Pick and choose ones you think will be fun.

1)       Have all different types of wines (ranging in prices) and remove or cover the labels of the wine bottles.  See if anyone can tell which wines are the expensive wines.

2)      Another fun thing to do with the labels off, see if anyone can guess what type of wine they are drinking.  Are they drinking a merlot or a cabernet?

3)      Take some wine and again cover up or remove the table.  Re-label each bottle with the type of wine and price.  Ask people why they think the wine is priced the way it is.  Later, reveal that you switched the prices.  The low priced wines are really the high price wines and vice versa. 

4)      Have a themed wine party.  Have everyone bring a wine from California or Italy or from any other region you choose and have them bring a dish the matches the wine and the region.

Do you have any other suggestions on throwing a wine party?


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