The New Rage: Pinterest

Pinterest is the latest in social media, so move over Facebook.  Pinterest is an online bulletin board for your favorite images.  You can “pin” an image from websites onto your categorized boards and “like” other people’s pins.  You can also “re-pin” other people’s images onto you boards.

What might this have to do with event planning you may ask?  Well, it is quite simple really.  Before Pinterest, brides would cut out images from magazines of flowers and dresses, décor and the list goes on.  Now, brides-to-be can pin pictures of wedding dresses, flower bouquets, invitation examples and what else she can imagine she might want at her wedding.  Brides are making different boards to help inspire them for their wedding day and have all their ideas in one place.  It also works great for planning kids birthday parties, decorating your house for parties and even getting inspired on what to cook for your big bash or dinner party.

Pinterest is a great way to compile all your favorite images that includes décor, crafts, party ideas and wedding ideas.  Simply Radiant Event’s Pinterest is full of great event planning ideas go ahead and check it out.

What do you like to pin?



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