The Perfect Wedding Dress for your Body Type

Today we welcome a guest blogger, Sofia Angeli.

Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings, to the online world.

The Perfect Wedding Dress for your Body Type

A woman’s wedding day is considered one of the most important milestones in her life. As much as the celebration is about the union of two lives becoming one, this day is all about the bride. And her fashion is almost always the headline of this big day. It’s probably the most anticipated element in every wedding. Whether they admit it or not, even male guests check out what the bride is wearing.

This is why the wedding dress is a crucial decision that every bride stresses about. It has to have the best fit, the right kind of cut, and the perfect shade. The first two elements can be quite challenging, especially if the wearer has no idea about what flatters her body the most.

This article focuses on choosing the best cut and design for the most common body types. Interested? Keep reading.

1.  The Pear Shape – Ladies who are bottom-heavy must look for dresses that slowly flare out, forming an A from the waist down to the floor. This highlights the midsection of the torso and takes away the focus from the hips and thighs. Experts recommend the use of sturdy fabrics like duchesse satin as well as taffeta, because they don’t hug the body. To accentuate the slender upper body, brides must consider a thin-strapped bodice and a V-neckline.

2.  The Apple Shape – For ladies who are top-heavy, a dress that cinches in the narrowest area of the waist is best. The dress, ideally, must flare out into an A-shape. A bodice with plenty of texture like lace or other embellishments will give just the right fit and a corset-like appearance. A deep V-neckline is also great for the apple-shaped lady. Try to avoid trumpet-style dresses since these only emphasize the widest part of the body.

3.  The Busty – They say that when you have it, flaunt it!  For the busty gal’s wedding day, a classy take can be done by opting for a scooped neckline. This brightens up the face and shows off the décolletage without giving too much away. If you’re interested in a strapless dress, choose one with just a slight dip in the neckline, such as a sweetheart, instead of a style that goes straight across the chest. Emphasize the focal areas by using fabric with a slight sheen.

4.  The Plus-Size – Women who are curvaceous look best in dresses with an empire cut. The flow of the dress with this cut begins under the bust into a floor length A-line. When choosing the design, make sure the empire seam doesn’t begin on the bust and isn’t pleated. This design can play up the shape, so make sure it fits perfectly. Opt for fabrics that provide structure instead of those that cling. And for a more romantic look, simply add an embellished tulle overlay.

5.  The Petite – Sheer trumpet-shaped dresses flowing into an A-line are ideal. Consider designs where the cut goes just above your natural waistline to give the illusion of longer legs. The fabric and ornamentation can pretty much be anything the bride desires as long as the size is controlled. Petite women should avoid anything oversized. They should also steer clear of dresses that have dropped waists or calf-length hems since these make can make them look even shorter.

Don’t be shy or scared to look in the mirror and assess your body type before shopping for your wedding wardrobe. It’s also the time to be bold in trying on dresses to see for yourself which one will look perfect on you. Be the beautiful and confident bride you want to be when you wear that perfect dress on your big day.

Great article Sofia to get is us started with 2014!  Happy Planning.

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