Name Change Checklist for Newlyweds

You just got married.  Everything is done right?  Did you change your name yet?  If you did congratulations, enjoy writing your new last name with pride. If you didn’t change your name yet (even if you have too) here is a simple check list to make sure you got everything changed.

Simply Radiant Events Wedding Planning14 edited

It is easy to have the wedding of your dreams planned by Simply Radiant Events 🙂 then go back to life as normal after your honeymoon and forget about changing your name on everything.

I wanted to provide a simple check list of things to not forget.

Name Change Checklist Image

Let’s start with the required items.


Social Security Card

Driver’s License

Banks (Savings, Checking, Retirement account)


Credit Cards


Student Loans

Vehicle Titles



Insurance (health, auto, home ect.)

Utility Companies

E-mail Address

Memberships (Gym, Organizations, ect.)

Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, ect)

Home Address Labels

Rental Contacts (Apartment)



E-mail (Address and Signature)

Business Cards

LinkedIn Profile

Let me know if there is anything I forget and I’ll add it to the list.

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