Simply Top 10 Ways to Use Rose Petals

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The rose is one of my favorite flowers. I believe roses are popular because they come in so many colors, are durable and typically available all year round.

Simply Top 10 Ways to Use Rose Petals

1. Scatter the petals around the base of a centerpiece or around the cake. Sometimes I spread the petals thinly or lay out each petal down into the perfect position. Other times I just want an opulent, overflowing look and will scatter them in larger groups.

Florist: Flower Fusion

Florist: Flower Fusion

2. One easy way to use rose petals it to fill a cylinder vase with petals; add water, and the place a floating candle on top. You will need the petals from two roses to fill and 8-inch tall vase.

3. You’ve probably seen rose petals scattered down the aisle with a flower girl. A fun twist would be to make a pattern down the center of the aisle. When guest arrive just seat them from the side aisles instead.

Flower Fusion

Florist: Flower Fusion

4. To make a rose bowl, fill a short or shallow vase with water then float an open rose in the center. Add petals around it until you have filled all the space to make it look like a giant rose.

5. Float a couple of rose buds in a large cylinder vase filled with water.

Rose buds Centerpiece

6. Make garlands that can be incorporated into your centerpieces, hang them on the backs of chairs or from candelabras with scattered floral cocktails and petals round the base.

7. To create the classic pomander, glue petals on a Styrofoam ball, using colors that coordinate with your event design.

8. You can also make a composite bouquet. Use one open rose in the center, then glue petals around it to give it the look of one giant rose.


9. Use rose petals to garnish a drink. Note: It’s important to remember that there are no regulations on pesticides with flowers so I strongly recommend using only organic flowers for drinks

10. Event outdoors? Try adding rose petals one by one to the inside of an umbrella.

Rose Petal Umbrella

Those are some of my favorite ways to use rose petals. Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other ideas to add?

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